A Detailed Insight Into Spray Foam Insulation Installation For Your Home In Los Angles


A drafty home is something, which is never desired by anyone and you are perhaps no different. You have perhaps brought a new home and the insulation systems were installed by the previous owner. However, of late one surely finds the home drafty and temperatures in the living space have been fluctuating. The first check must be in the HVAC units and if that is fine, the culprit could be the insulation system. There might be a need to replace the older insulation system.


It is better to get the insulation checked by professional insulation contractors in Los Angeles. It is only after they give the signal that one must replace them, The popular insulation theme for homes today is the spray form variety and you would perhaps be eager to check out. This form of insulation can be installed both in older and new construction. However, if your home is old, there are a few aspects, which you need to look into before the insulation installation. The professional is surely aware but being the homeowner, you must also know.

The removal of drywall

This is the first step to undertake as you are installing this special form of insulation. There is a need to understand the working of this form of insulation. It expands significantly to fill up the gaps inside the wall. However, if the drywall is still in place, it will not be able to expand significantly. The foam will be pushing against the interior of the panel and it could always result in damage. Once the drywall is removed, it should significantly boost up the effectiveness of the insulation.

The spray foam cannot be installed over the older insulation

It has recently been a trend to opt for double insulation. It simply means that you install the new insulation over the older systems. This will however not work in the case of the spray foam variety. This form of insulation does not bond well with the older insulation. Hence, as you plan to install this particular form of insulation, one needs to speak to the contractor and assess whether he offers insulation removal in Los Angeles or not. The combination of the older insulation and spray foam could always lead to moisture build-up within the walls.

The removal and fresh installation is costly

There is a need to understand that the removal and fresh installation of spray foam insulation are costly. Hence, if you are unable to remove the older insulation for lack of finances, one can install the spray foam variety elsewhere. There are other areas of the home where you can install and it could be anything from the basement to the crawl space. One could always speak to the professionals and he will suggest the best.